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Monthly Archives: March 2006

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Babies are like kittens

When Perle started moving about in me – which I could feel very early on – I described her cartwheeling around in there like “I had swallowed a kitten”. Having never fancied babies, I was a little nervous about having my own. But I raised

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Why do Malformed URLs Redirect to Microsoft?

Because HTTP on web-pages often point there! See help_spam_google; Why do Malformed URLs Redirect to Microsoft? Many users of Mozilla and Firefox have discovered an unusual bug when dealing with Malformed URLs. For instance, if you copy and paste the address http// into your URL

Slussgatan Dabitch & Perl

The one we got!

Proud home owners – me and Perl pose in the yard two minutes after signing contracts on the apartment behind me – the two windows to the left of me (two floors) are now ours! In the summer, I bet the yard will be a

Föreningsgatan 63

The one that got away, part two

At some point last week, I had enough of waiting around for houses and decided to check apartments in Malmö. I found one on Föreningsgatan 63 and saw it last Sunday. What a beaut! It had the high ceilings, the nice fishbone patterened wooden floors


Back Road number six

Another house we almost got was this one, on Bagvej #6 – back road number six. The first time I was there, I wasn’t impressed. The house needs a lot of renovating and didn’t have some of the spacious details that the house I already

House in Denmark

The one that got away, part one

This past year, I’ve been house hunting. I had a tiny budget and huge dreams, so we drove south and scoured the countryside for gems. They are out there. After many duds, we found a house on Skovvej in Nørre Alslev to be a perfect