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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Perle Wäppling, Stockholm

Stockholms parker är bäst

Jag erkänner, jag kunde inte stå ut med att vara i Köpenhamn med en bäbis längre. Hon vill krypa i gräs och ha frisk luft, och den danska huvudstadens parker är överfyllda av cigarettfimpar och ölkorkar. Att sitta i solen i en valfri park och

Dabitch Red Hair & Lighter

ClaimID – I’m Dabitch and now you know it

So, I’m sure you’ve heard about ClaimID, which someone described as “a solution looking for a problem”. What it does is that people with more common names can setup a page listing things they actually did write, and denounce things that aren’t created by them.

Catch them!

Perle in the pram with bubbles

Perle and I walk at least twice a day, every street musician has seen her do her little pram dance, and all the birds in town love us for the stale bread we bring. The other day she discovered the best free entertainment ever, we

Dabitch Ascii Blog

The ascii log is dead, long live the ascii log

I loved the way the ascii log looked – totally illegible to most people… hehe – so I put this off for ages. But now, with my dabitch hangout attracting thousands of spammers who keep poking at everything I just can’t leave the mess up