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Monthly Archives: October 2006

The tile disaster

Renovating anything takes… a year. I’ve learned his the hard way. The bathrooms were always my domain, and I thought that by getting some guys to fix it, it would be the least of our worries – but oy, was I ever wrong. Just the

Perl photographs Åsk

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Perle likes playing with my cameraphone, and that’s how we discovered that she’s got great talent for the ‘lucky shot’. Among the blurred lines of mystery, the occasional finger or toe are some interesting images, self portraits and portraits of mom. These two crack me


City löpsedel, Malmö

Med anledning av deepeditions postning här där vi lärt oss att ej heller han lyckas få mina MMS, så lägger vi upp löpsedeln här. Bloggare hotad till livet minsann. Det är ju ytterst tråkigt. Men vilken konstig rubrik, “bloggare” är nu ett ord likamed “skådis”

One year ago today.

I was still a non-mom. Around this time of day, my water had broke, my labour had technically started though I had nothing resembling pain yet. So I went shopping for turtle-food, then home to get my bag, and to drop off some candy for

…Mushroom bathroom

I’m currently subletting a flat in the center of Malmö, on Davidhallsgatan 24, where the bathroom is so moist, actual mushrooms grow in the wooden doorframe. A few more and we could make a sandwich! Apart from the mushrooms and the lack of any free