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A day in the life of Perl

Perl spent Thursday running errands with me. Since there was no coffee at home, we had breakfast at a café around the corner.

Perl steals my lipstick

She copies me putting on makeup in the morning, and today she mastered applying lip pencil on the lips alone. Holy crap I’m creating a monster!

Tired in café

“Don’t talk to me yet, the apple juice hasn’t hit.”


*zing* and there it does – “woo, I’m awake!” Perle stole my hairband, I guess she reckoned it went with her outfit.

Walk with juice

“Juice on the go – I’m just gonna remove this pointy stick thing here…”

Drink no straw

“What the… This is hard to drink. Mooom!”

lets go daddy-O

“Ok, much better, lets dash. We got stuff to do. And don’t you dare carry my drink or help me walk mom, I’m not a baby. I’m suave, dangit.”

Mirror mirror!

“Check it out mom, I found a friend here and she’s got a hat just like mine!”

hey good looking

“I reckon she’s cute. Maybe even as cute as meeeeee.”

Who id the fairest of them all? ME!

A second after this pic was taken, Perl waved at her image and said “Hejdå” which sounds more like “he-råh”, but she clearly knows it means “buh-bye”.

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