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Åsk Wäppling – CV

Åsk Wäppling

Åsk Wäppling

Åsk Wäppling

Creative Technologist / Creative Strategist / Art Director

Education: Illustration Parsons School of Design, New York
Graphic Design Parsons School of Design, New York
School of Communication Arts, London UK

Skills: Art Direction , creative strategy, concepting, mysql, linux server administration, BIND, sendmail/postfix, apache, Drupal, illustration, storyboarding – can handle every CS4 program known to man and am fluent in Quark still but please don’t make me. The thing I don’t do is flash.

Worked at and freelanced for: FHV/BBDO, Amsterdam. Saatchi&Saatchi, Copenhagen. TBWA/Campaign Company, Amsterdam. S-W-H /Schaeffer Wunsch Has (now known as INDIE) Amsterdam. Publicis, Amsterdam. Lowe Howard Spink, London. EURO RSCG, London. Maisonneuve, Montreal. Gyldendal, Copenhagen. At Linkedin you can see my complete resumé.

People say:

“Åsk is one of the most talented women I know. It’s as simple as that. She is creative, savvy, and devoted to all the creative industries, not just art direction in the advertising world. She works hard and manages to balance being a consummate creative person with all the external pressures all women face in the business world. She would be impressive enough if she had only created, but she has also done plenty of amazing work in advertising as well. ” — Leslie Burns – Attorney at Law

“I first worked with Åsk when was a Customer of my Team at Rackspace Hosting. What made her a pleasure to work with was that she would do her own research about her hosting needs, ask intelligent questions and was fully prepared to implement our recommendations or explain why we should implement hers.

One of the great things to deal with, was when Åsk had a problem, it was usually interesting or difficult, because if it was a routine issue or something that could be researched, she would have already solved it!

We all took it as a great personal loss when Åsk moved her hosting to away from us, as she was no longer relying very much on our Support Team and could quite happily support her own web hosting – but we still hope she’ll be back some day!” — Sam Sharpe
Linux Senior Systems Engineer (SSE) at Rackspace Hosting

“I consider Åsk to be the craziest bitch I have ever worked with. She’s the Pipi Longstockings of our profession. She was in new media, since it was still, well… actually new. She was a blogger before anyone in the world was reading blogs. Let alone writing blogs. And she couldn’t care less. She’s still in love with the adworld, where other people have long turned their backs on the profession. She’s been adland, adrag, adanything really. She’s got ten of thousands of followers, readers, subscribers, believers from all over this world. She’s been living and working in the strangest places on earth. And she genuinely thinks she can change the world. But then, the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do, as someone at Chiat Day once put it.”
Zwier Veldhoen
Senior copywriter, worked with Åsk at TBWA Amsterdam

“There are few people as passionate and and idealistic when it comes to advertising as Åsk. Her wry sense of humor and sarcastic digs at the industry where she makes her living is entertaining and accurate. Commercial Archive has become a true resource for anybody interested in advertising. Åsk did Web 2.0 long before anybody knew what that was.”
Henrik Brameus
Director Technical Services, GorillaPark

“Åsk is a very very very original mind.” Joeri Bakker
creative director/partner/mentor, BBDO Nederland/FHV Group

“Åsk’s peerless judgment and eye for an idea has turned Commercial Archive into a must-see website for all advertising creatives.” Chris Hunter
Executive Creative Director, Aus & NZ, Draft

“There is just one term for Åsk Dabitch – AWESOME. I have worked with Åsk on a number of occasions and been following her success in building the AdLand community and the AdLand server infrastructure. Åsk is the most skilled community – builder I have ever met, and a very serious technical geek on server side systems and data-driven websites. If you are trying to build traction and coolness form the grassroots level for a product or service, Dabitch is your woman. Single-handedly wielding a passionate tribe of 200K+ while being the most creative Art Director I have worked with is a very rare skill. At the same time keeping up the level of serious geekyness that drives people to join AdLand is highly valuable for anyone understanding the importance of reaching through the noise of commercial Social Media marketing attempts to the consumer. If I had a cool enough project, I would hire her any time. I hope you have better luck.” Peter Neubauer
Founder and VP Product Management, Neo Technology (business partner)

“I have worked closely with Åsk over a period of two years in the late nineties and have come to know her as a very dedicated art director and designer as well as an online pioneer. I consider her an expert on brand strategy and can highly recommend her services as communications professional.” Maxim Van Wijk
senior copywriter, Publicis Amsterdam

“Åsk is an unstoppable powerhouse in the advertising industry, both up front and behind the scenes. Her energy and creativity are boundless, as are her eyes for both the past and upcoming trends. When it comes to design and new media, there is precious little that she can’t do and do damn well. This is a creative that you want and need on your side of the ad game.” Clayton Hove
Creative director. Concept cowboy. KK Bold

“Åsk’s dedicated work at Adland has been an enormous source of inspiration for both my job as a copywriter and my position as an advertising professional in general. There is simply no better place to keep a finger on the pulse of the international advertising commnity than Adland.”
Kurt Beren Geiger
Copywriter, JWT Düsseldorf