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Busted! Perl pays with camera, leaves photographic evidence.

When I imported my digital camera’s pictures today, I found these pictures shot by Perl at eight in the morning. I wonder what she was thinking.

“Perldate march 29, eight oh two. Parental units still sleeping and not responding to belly-jumping, wet kisses or baby giggles – thus I can sneak a minute to use this here doohickey to communicate. Hello?”


“There, that’s better. Big eye extended and a whirring noise escapes the doohickey, it’s on. Life here on earth is good so far though I am growing concerned that the redheaded parental unit is trying to leave me in a baby-factory which is located in her gym. Every day we go, and every day she tries to leave. I won’t have it and can scream until all yoga-classes in town stop. She’s trying to get rid of me, I’m sure of it. First she kicked me out of her womb where I was perfectly happy, I had room-service in there – just yank the cord for apple juice and kick twice for fries – and my own pool. It was warm, cozy and sheltered. I hung in there for two extra weeks but then they brought out the big guns, hormone-IV, and the pool drained and I kinda fell out with it, dang… And now this baby-factory thing. Hello? Do you copy?”

“wait, this is the wrong way around isn’t it?”

“Ah, better. Where was I? Right, baby-factory. The redheaded parental unit also talks about something called ‘the montessori method’ and says she’ll be taking me to that as soon as she can. I won’t have any of that either! Method? What is that, a systematic way to leave me at the baby-factory?… Oh shoot, they are waking up, I’ll call back later, over and out!”

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