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Can’t talk now, busy having these tweets bronzed.

Dave Trott tweet here

There were many brilliant people that tutored us at the SCA back in the day, the two that really made their permanent impression on me were Dave Trott and Paul Arden, so I did my best trying to make a permanent impression on them – even to the point of almost giving Paul Arden a heart attack.

I sobbed the entire weekend when I learned of Paul’s death, as if I had lost a family member and felt very strange about such a strong reaction, but that’ll tell you how deep he cut into my ad-soul when I was young adpup. I even had him as a reference with phone# on my first CV, which at one Swedish CD looked at and said “Who is Paul Arden?” *palmface*

So days like this one, when practically everything I have said is being questioned, re-finding these tweets shed a little light in my gray day. I’m gonna have ’em bronzed.

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