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Welcome to planet earth, Perl

Perl 4010 gram 53 cm ren glädje, född den 18 Oktober klockan 20:42. …and yes, her onesie does read “hello world”. Spot the geek in training folks. Photo taken Oct 21.

a very pregnant Åsk Dabitch

The beached whale

I feel more and more like a beached whale every day. 😉 (photo from August, good lord, I even held seminars in this dress, yikes.)

Feeding the chickens

What I did this weekend.

In case anyone wonders why on earth I didn’t reply to emails at once as usual… It was because I was busy feeding the chickens, picking berries and digging up the potatoes. In the shot, the cock Carl-Oscar, Agda, Agneta, Kristina and me. Two other

Dabitch Ascii Art Jewelbox

What my jewelboxing would look like

Jim from Coudal suggested that my jewelboxing might look like this. Sexy! So I had to buy some Jewelboxings.. you understand that don’t you? They are VERY COOL!

Stephanie Rice sings in Hamburg

I talk fast, yes. But I talk even faster when I have ten years worth of gossip to catch up on! Me and Stephanie enjoying an after-gig Spanish dinner in Hamburg. Judging by Stephanies expression I’m probably telling some insane story from our College days.

Viva Italia!

la nazionale italiana è troppo forte! Regole di Buffon. le loro maglie sono ancora meglio. Buffon è il miglior portiere e tutta la nazionale italiana è troppo forte – the man is like a really big cat with those reflexes!

dabitch on the phone

How many orange things can you see in the picture?

Is moving the images over here a better idea than having them in the ascii log? I think so, so I have now moved ’em all. So there! hehe. I can’t even stick to the strict concept of an ascii log. Had to stick pictures


Vad gjorde du i helgen? What did you do this weekend? I rearranged the tables and furniture. 😛 Wow, I didn’t realise the place could feel this big. The red telly is perfect black and white to watch late night news on, if it could