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Website as hidden service: how do?

Was talking to a pal about ssh as hidden service. “It’s simple” he said, and practically dared me to do it. But I didn’t really want ssh, I thought lets do http instead because Adland. Oh okay. So you want to try it too? Lets

Permission denied (publickey) on AWS instance Ubuntu

So, you were minding your own business chmodding things left and right while logged in to your Ubuntu instance the other day, and now a few days later you get the Permission denied (publickey) response when you try to log in. Even if you do

Adland pranks Starbucks, and they prank me right back.

….”Ok, you are hereby dubbed to the copyqueen of this project while I go sort something green to wear.” were the last words between me and Jane Goldman a.k.a caffeinegoddess, as I stayed up late to sort out a Starbucksfied theme for Adland, knowing that

No, there are no proxies involved in “hacking” gowalla

Why I’m pretty sure my little fly around the world stunt will get me banned is shown in the GetSatifaction forums here, where people are upset about folk who check in where they are not (some even dislike “drive-by check-ins) :Very VERY questionable check-ins and

Confessions of a Gowalla “hacker”

As you know, it all started because of that “pleaserobme” page. I Dashed around 4square to prove a point, and then did the same excersize in Gowalla (which I play), to not play favorites with either service. Both have the same bug, and you might

…Mushroom bathroom

I’m currently subletting a flat in the center of Malmö, on Davidhallsgatan 24, where the bathroom is so moist, actual mushrooms grow in the wooden doorframe. A few more and we could make a sandwich! Apart from the mushrooms and the lack of any free

Dabitch Ascii Blog

The ascii log is dead, long live the ascii log

I loved the way the ascii log looked – totally illegible to most people… hehe – so I put this off for ages. But now, with my dabitch hangout attracting thousands of spammers who keep poking at everything I just can’t leave the mess up