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The Cosmonaut, completed

The Cosmonaut – painting Yuri Gagarin

I paint walls. In this case I decided to paint a portrait of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin using only green horizontal stripes. The stripes echoed the lines and discord seen in the television images of Yuri Gagarain when he became the first man in space the

50 years ago today, Yuri Gagarin went into space

50 years ago today, the cosmonaut painted on my wall made his first orbit. Why the world still remembers its first spaceman Every nation has its own glorious anniversaries to celebrate, but few are shared by the whole world. The anniversary of manned spaceflight, April

X-life poster

Copenhagen Big Air

X-life is a skater magazine in Denmark. Together, we arranged the event “Copenhagen Big Air,” a skate-festival that lasted two days with one full night of partying. The day activities included Scandinavia’s best skateboarders competing in all genres, a chance for little kids and n00bs

Absolut Adland

Absolut Adland

Adland ran this full page ad in the Brazilian advertising magazine “Ghost”, a showcase magazine of great creative work from around the world that had never been approved by the client. Hence the name “Ghos.t” Adland members could also download a printable PDF file of