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We interrupt our constant working to teach the wee one how to skate. Weee! said the wee one.

The enchanted forest, revisited.

Perle’s room is coming along nicely with the addition of a cabinet that she got to decorate with stickers last night. Previous daytime shots are here for comparison. The ‘new’ cabinet with her Elephant-lamp and my old flower lamp which was in my room when

Grymt (dåligt), sa grisen.

Jag försöker lära Perl att hojta “DÅLIG REKLAM” när hon ser sådan. Hon gör det så fort den där larviga Lambi-tösen dyker upp i rutan, till exempel. Duktigt! Men hur jag än förklarade att ordlekar inte är bra, tyckte Perle att den här grisen var

We’ve wallpapered

Needed to put these up. Else they’d be in the way, what, with laying around on the floor like that. Aaargh, I hate stuff that has no place! Everything has a place and everything in its place. So we began, And we continued. Also, Perl

Stolen moment

After cleaning her room, she decided to invite her doll for a dance and a quick kiss. Phone-cameras are the best inventions evah!

Salem giant pumpkin and Perl pose

When you see an 1100 pound pumpkin, you are obligated to pose. It’s the law. Seriously! We found this one in the lobby of the hotel where Jane & Chris got married. Huge! ….and here’s the obligatory, “wait we’re not ready yet” shot. It’s Sunday

the Wedding

So, Caff decides to get hitched in witchtown, a.k.a Salem MA and the wee witch loves every minute of it. First, she’s impossible to stop while the poor photographer tries to get wedding pictures. Who can blame her tough? She’s just discovered that the best

Perl on a Boston commuter train with me

Boston with Perl for Jane’s wedding

I love visiting other cities and Boston was a new one for me. Perl took to travelling like a fish to water and strolled around the old town center with me just for fun. We commuted with Boston railroad to get from Jane’s house to

Flying to Boston.

She’s in that phase where I am not allowed to help her do anything, because she wants to do it herself. So I demonstrate how to put on the seatbelt. She watches, then attempts to do hers. Not grasping the concept yet she flips her