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The enchanted forest, revisited.

Perle’s room is coming along nicely with the addition of a cabinet that she got to decorate with stickers last night. Previous daytime shots are here for comparison. The ‘new’ cabinet with her Elephant-lamp and my old flower lamp which was in my room when

Höstens första auktionskap.

Har roat mig med att titta på malmöauktionen klicka förbi, live så att säga via nätet på Jag och mamma satt och gissade vad saker skulle gå för och den som kom närmast klubbat pris vann. Gjorde det mest för att se om mina

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Katten säljer

Bläddrade igenom hemnet och fann min katt i en av mäklarnas bilder av gården. Undrar om han får provision.

The Devil is in the details

A renovation update, I do have a real functioning bathroom now – if you saw progress, almost a bathroom you might want to see what it looks like now. The toilet, is slanted from the wall. This way big people can still sit comfortably in

Perl very proud of her creation

Arts and crafts, or interior design for the wee one

Here’s a fun way to let the wee one help out in decorating. Dress items in bokmärken. I don’t know what these lovely paper pictures of angels, animals and scenes from fairytales are called in English, but you can get them in any toy shop

Things lighten up….

…as it all comes together. Here’s the lamp I bought for Perle’s room when I was hit with a sudden rush of nostalgia probably caused by hormones last summer. I had a desklamp in this style in my room when I was little, so when

Serveringsvagn teak

Auktionsverket, Måndag 29 januari

We have an agreement that I am supposed to have 2 hours on Monday nights off from baby-caring, but that pretty much never happens, until now. It’s a shame that someone makes a lot of agreements and then forgets that he has. Anyway, so I

Perl and her wallpaper

Wallpaper yum! Tapeter från tapetorama.

Perle chose her own wallpaper. Perle loves her wallpaper, and we painted the bottom half of the wall with magnetic paint before papering, so she can put magnets everywhere that she can reach – a game that never gets old. Trivia, this wallpaper was the