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Endangered floor

Yeah, if you read the wikipedia, you’ll find out that “The Ipil tree’s timber is called merbau” and that it is a very durable termite resistant wood. Due to extensive logging of the tree, it is endangered in many places in Southeast Asia, and almost

Progress! Almost a bathroom!

One bath almost done, one to go – my god, it’s actually coming together! And finally, a lucky break – the stucco (takrosett) in the bedroom was too small for such a large room, and I have bought another one. When Miklas went to remove

Gold, rain on me

My wallpaper. White with pencil-thin lines of gold raining down on it. A little luxury never hurt anyone.

The tile disaster

Renovating anything takes… a year. I’ve learned his the hard way. The bathrooms were always my domain, and I thought that by getting some guys to fix it, it would be the least of our worries – but oy, was I ever wrong. Just the

Föreningsgatan 63

The one that got away, part two

At some point last week, I had enough of waiting around for houses and decided to check apartments in Malmö. I found one on Föreningsgatan 63 and saw it last Sunday. What a beaut! It had the high ceilings, the nice fishbone patterened wooden floors


Back Road number six

Another house we almost got was this one, on Bagvej #6 – back road number six. The first time I was there, I wasn’t impressed. The house needs a lot of renovating and didn’t have some of the spacious details that the house I already

House in Denmark

The one that got away, part one

This past year, I’ve been house hunting. I had a tiny budget and huge dreams, so we drove south and scoured the countryside for gems. They are out there. After many duds, we found a house on Skovvej in Nørre Alslev to be a perfect

House in Copenhagen

House for sale in two parts.

This house in Fredriksberg (Copenhagen, basically) is up for auction due to bankruptcy, lowest bid starts real low too. Either bid on the two bottom floors, or the three top ones. Me and the many other hopefuls seen in the shot went to check it

dabitch on the phone

How many orange things can you see in the picture?

Is moving the images over here a better idea than having them in the ascii log? I think so, so I have now moved ’em all. So there! hehe. I can’t even stick to the strict concept of an ascii log. Had to stick pictures