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How was Cannes?

In a word: Bizarre. Suddenly I’m meeting journalists all over the place, journalists who for whatever strange reason know who I am. Why? What? Really? Posing here with the editor of CB news Benjamin and AOL’s free ice-cream (aol are in the ice-cream buisiness now

My knee is the cats bed

Sure, I sit funny, often pulling my legs up in the chair or spending hours in the lotus position. Perhaps it’s a remnant of instinctive knowledge from way back in time when our forefathers were still hanging out in trees that makes me pull my

The invitation, laser cut charm on prayer beads.

Condor & Massive Music party Cannes – Religion

Each year Massive Music throws parties in Cannes during the advertising festival. Parties that have now become legend. Every detail needs to fit with the concept and in 1999 the concept was religion. Prayer bead necklaces were your only ticket in to the event, Ganesh

Posters Massive Music and Headlines

Condor & Massive music Politics Party

The Condor and Massive music parties in Cannes are the stuff of legend. In the year 2000 we felt that “politics” would be the key theme, and created an entire concept event around sleazy politics. There were balloons filled with 100% hot air. There were