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Dabitch in a beret

It’s OK. You can tell me.

Be honest now, I have a thing for hats but I can’t seem to pull off the girly-classic beret, sequined or not. I can pull off ridiculous pillbox hats, oversized & 1960-fied newsboy caps, the trilby, the pork pie, the Selentino Kojak, the top hat,

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That Shiny Suds commercial, and the Adverve sexism show

While I was off in Denmark busy celebrating “jul” a day early with the Danish family, episode 11 of the advercast went live. In it, we spoke about breeder bingo, salaries, bitchyness, sex and sexism and I’ve already summed up my thoughts here. We also

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of purple…..

Yet I’ve decided to do this to my office walls. What on earth am I thinking, you might say, well the carpet in the matching deep grape purple is a clue. Momma has a plan mates. I’ll show you when it’s done, kay?

“Jag älskar…… ” (I love……)

Yesterday little miss sunshine rose with the sun as usual and I had to snap out of my wishes to sleep late and get her ready for a long full day of fun. She didn’t know what I was planning and protested as we were