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So, I’m sure you’ve heard about ClaimID, which someone described as “a solution looking for a problem”. What it does is that people with more common names can setup a page listing things they actually did write, and denounce things that aren’t created by them.
Take Jane Doe, biologist who writes papers (often buried far down the page ranks) and occasionally shares knitting patterns on Usenet, and her namesake – blogger Jane Doe who is a foot fetishist and a burlesque dancer who definitely has the upper hand on page rank. When potential employers google our knitting Jane Doe, they’ll not confuse her with the other Jane Doe who shares photos of herself on her very popular blog. This isn’t a good thing for the knitting queen. Of course I had to get my own ClaimID – Dabitch– just to try this widget out.

At first, I couldn’t get that username – and I couldn’t get Åsk either, strange chars you know. But then Fred saw me complaining about this on Metafilter and came to the rescue. -‘We’re a tiny little company 😉 More than happy to provide a little personalized service.’ He smiled as he set me up with the Dabitch username. Wow, how nice of him, now I’ll hafta use the thing too. 😉 Even if this means I’ll have to spend eons looking for stuff authored by people with the same name as me who are not me… he he he.. Yeah ok, so ClaimID isn’t really meant for weirdos who have one of the more unusual names on the planet. Fun to try out anyway!

ps – as I rummaged about trying to find things to link I found this:

“worlds best SQL tutorial”
— Åsk Wäppling on StumbleUpon

I did say that. I just found it funny that it ended up on their “what people have said” page. 🙂

Dabitch Red Hair & Lighter

Dabitch Red Hair & Lighter

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