Johan Camitz died yesterday, hit by a car after a shootout.

The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. See the
New York Daily for details. (Their spelling mistake is quoted as written)

"Jhoan Camitz could walk the city's streets without drawing a glance, but the Swedish director's free-spirited and often daring commercials for Volkswagen, Diesel and Nike were watched around the world.

Described by friends and colleagues as kind and talented, Camitz, 38, was struck and killed by a Range Rover early yesterday in the aftermath of a shootout outside the trendy SoHo Club NV.

News of Camitz's brutal, random death stunned his colleagues at the New York and Los Angeles offices of Propaganda/Satellite Films, where he worked.


Born and raised in Stockholm, Camitz studied law and worked for several years as a sculptor. He stumbled into the world of commercial directing seven years ago after making a wedding video for a friend.

The wedding party included an executive from a Swedish advertising agency who liked the amateur footage so much that he gave Camitz the next campaign for Diesel, a clothing company."

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