Which comic do you think should win the signed KesselsKramer book?

Here they are, the brave pens who are competing for the signed KesselsKramer book and toys. The deal is, look through the images, choose your favorite one by number, and then vote. You can only vote once a day (based on IP numbers) and voting will continue until this friday, when the comic with the most votes wins and the others get the KesselsKramer toy prizes.
Click to see comics. (warning, several images on one page, 36 modems might take a while)

number 1
Devil- Packaged goods.

"North & Pole advertising: Account Executives and the Creative Director"

Number 2 Penguins

Number 3 Romeo

Number 4 - The face man in action

Number 5 - Outdated logo.

Number 6 - End result

voting is closed, this post is from the year 2000 after all. ;)

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