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Endangered floor

Yeah, if you read the wikipedia, you’ll find out that “The Ipil tree’s timber is called merbau” and that it is a very durable termite resistant wood. Due to extensive logging of the tree, it is endangered in many places in Southeast Asia, and almost extinct in some. That’s why I’m extra chuffed that we found some used merbau floor at and Miklas somehow managed to turn that pretty pile of sticks into a new kitchen floor for us. Sexay!

Merbau floor

I love the color. Adore it. Pretty spiffy isn’t it?

Merbau floor from another angle

So what is genbyg? It means “rebuild” and it’s where we found loads of used things from buildings that were probably torn down. Just because the building is bust doesn’t mean everything in it is as well. We got this floor, a window which we created a wall out of, a few double-doors, an entire mahogony bannister. And we just keep going back for more…. It’s fun to recycle while you renovate!

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