“Jag älskar…… ” (I love……)

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Yesterday little miss sunshine rose with the sun as usual and I had to snap out of my wishes to sleep late and get her ready for a long full day of fun. She didn’t know what I was planning and protested as we were about to leave, but I explained – we’re going to Folket’s Park, to see Merkado and pick up that adorable Owl tray that Lotta made for us – and then we can do lots of other fun stuff like have pancakes with ice cream!

She agreed, and off we marched. Soon after arriving when all the bumper cars and shining horses or carousels had mesmerized her, she declared “I love… ” and then she waved her hands about to point at everything trying to find the words. “Folkets park” I replied. “yes!” she said, “I love Folkets Park”.

And who wouldn’t, after bumper cars, carousels and little truck driving rides?

After this was one was done she declared “that one was a little dangerous.” Didn’t stop her from enjoying the ride though.

The most popular things are free – like bathing in the fountain. Never gets old.

Maybe when she has more words she’ll be able to say “that was a good day.”

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