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Lazy cleaning of the chandelier – att rengöra en kristallkrona.

I am related to super pedantic clean people who comb the tassles of their rugs and take each crystal off the chandelier for cleaning, by hand every year or so. I’m also super lazy and follow my mothers mantra det man inte har i kroppen får man ha i knoppen (what you lack in muscle you make up with brainpower – but it rhymes so much better Swedish.)

So I have this mastodont cleaning issue. a very dusty, non sparkly chandelier. Oh dear.

I also have tap water, concentrated lemon juice, and fancy white vinegar (fancy meaning ‘the good old brand’ and not cheapest stuff in the store.) We will mix these ingredients approx 20% vingear 10% lemon juice and the rest water in an old cleaned up spray bottle and get to work. Attack it from the bottom up! I know, one should cover the bulbs with plastic bags but did I mention that I’m lazy? I just don’t go there with the spray (besides, mine point down, not up).

See these drops? Yes that’s the grime and dirt sliding right off it. If you have a smaller chandelier than I have, you could hang an umbrella upside down underneath it to catch all the drops. I didn’t dare because my chandelier looks like it wants to take the ceiling down with it any day now.

.. and a bunch of newspapers catch the drops of grime (there’s a plastic cover underneath to protect the table as well).

So, nyah, to those ladies before me who spent hours polishing their crystal, I do this in record time. I don’t tempt faith, no lighting of the chandelier for at least two hours after it looks dry. I’ve lit candles tonight and it looks sparkly, oh so sparkly.

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