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Noa & Perle in the park (aka testing the ibook camera)

Noa & Perl

Noa & Perl

– “Howyadoin?” – “Yeah not too bad. You?”
My new macbook has a camera i it, and its not too bad! Here are the girls in the park yesterday. Noa is maybe a month younger but already has four top teeth. Perle is sans nap in these shots and looking rather tired.

Noa & Perl

“So.. seen any good pacifiers lately?”



Noa & Perl

“Hey, there’s Dad!”

Noa & Perl

“Noa grabs Perl’s hat, because hat.”

– “Lemme see that hat there miss baseball.”

Noa & Perl


-“Thats it, I’m taking my ball and going home.”

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