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One year ago today.

A very *very* pregnant Dabitch about to walk to the hospital

I was still a non-mom. Around this time of day, my water had broke, my labour had technically started though I had nothing resembling pain yet. So I went shopping for turtle-food, then home to get my bag, and to drop off some candy for the turtle, and then I walked to the hospital in my silly looking Japanese flat mule shoes. We arrived there at three. Real labor kicked in around five. At eight forty-two in the evening, Perl was born.

Today she is walking around the room with my ex-purse in hand (she stole it months ago and I’ll never get it back), pulling fake credit cards out of her own wallet, cool as a cucumber. Don’t ask me where she gets all that from.

Perl på Davidshallsgatan hennes 1-årsdag


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