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Perl made a pearl necklace in San Francisco

Perl has designed her own necklace, one with a nice big pearl.

When we visited San Francisco we obviously had to do all of the really touristy things, like visit the wharf. They sold unopened clams there, where you might get a pearl. This seemed like a great idea, so I let Perl buy one and open and she found a lovely slightly pink pearl. Then she had to get a “holder” for it, and that’s where these shops make their real money as some of these can be pricy. Perl found a nice dolphin and designed her own necklace to look like this. We bought the chain in another store as she was quite insistent that this too had to be a little different. The chain is pretty intricate, I’ve never seen one like this before. It turned out really nice!

Perl's pearl necklace by her own design

Perl’s pearl necklace by her own design, showing off her work

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