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Progress! Almost a bathroom!

One bath almost done, one to go – my god, it’s actually coming together!

original stucco

And finally, a lucky break – the stucco (takrosett) in the bedroom was too small for such a large room, and I have bought another one. When Miklas went to remove the original, it came down in one single piece. Nice! So now, the original stucco is in place in Perle’s room, which is much smaller and it fits so much better with the dimensions in there. Great, I’d hate to waste good stucco.

Sitting bathtub

Omg Omg! We have a bathtub in place! Well, almost. The two compromise-tiles, that is the clear glass on the walls and the black glass on the floors look delish together so this is working out quite nicely.

I hate pipes

I hate pipes. I really really hate them. I briefed the plummer with these words and explained that what we really wanted to do is hide every damn centimeter of pipe so I don’t have to see them. I’m still getting visable pipes. Aaaaaaargh. Next bathroom brief will come with twenty pages of 3D layouts and bold type stating “no visable pipes, dammit!”. As an Art Director I should know better than to not have my visual plans in tenthousand mockups to show people what I mean. 😉

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