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Perl photographs Åsk

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Perle likes playing with my cameraphone, and that’s how we discovered that she’s got great talent for the ‘lucky shot’. Among the blurred lines of mystery, the occasional finger or toe are some interesting images, self portraits and portraits of mom. These two crack me

baby, bath

I make big babies

So, I was quite large when pregnant. As in, my belly was HUGE! And I got kind of fat, yeah. Why so huge? I was storing a giant baby in there. I mean, she was 53 cm when born and 4100 gram, but this is

Perl smiles


The kyoootest baby in the world. I had promised myself I wouldn’t post loads of pictures of her all over the web, boring people with stories of how kyoot she is, dressing her in mini-grownup outfits (ah! so kyoot), and chasing people down waving pictures