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One year ago today.

I was still a non-mom. Around this time of day, my water had broke, my labour had technically started though I had nothing resembling pain yet. So I went shopping for turtle-food, then home to get my bag, and to drop off some candy for

…Mushroom bathroom

I’m currently subletting a flat in the center of Malmö, on Davidhallsgatan 24, where the bathroom is so moist, actual mushrooms grow in the wooden doorframe. A few more and we could make a sandwich! Apart from the mushrooms and the lack of any free

Föreningsgatan 63

The one that got away, part two

At some point last week, I had enough of waiting around for houses and decided to check apartments in Malmö. I found one on Föreningsgatan 63 and saw it last Sunday. What a beaut! It had the high ceilings, the nice fishbone patterened wooden floors