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Jane and Chris got married, Salem

So Chris and Jane got married, which is a very happy event and I was honored to be part of the wedding party. I fail at maid of honor duties (maybe I was matron of honor?) but I did deliver the flower girl who acts

the Wedding

So, Caff decides to get hitched in witchtown, a.k.a Salem MA and the wee witch loves every minute of it. First, she’s impossible to stop while the poor photographer tries to get wedding pictures. Who can blame her tough? She’s just discovered that the best

Perl on a Boston commuter train with me

Boston with Perl for Jane’s wedding

I love visiting other cities and Boston was a new one for me. Perl took to travelling like a fish to water and strolled around the old town center with me just for fun. We commuted with Boston railroad to get from Jane’s house to

Flying to Boston.

She’s in that phase where I am not allowed to help her do anything, because she wants to do it herself. So I demonstrate how to put on the seatbelt. She watches, then attempts to do hers. Not grasping the concept yet she flips her

Train from grandma

Here’s the deal. Never take the train that leaves twenty minutes after five in the morning. That’ll suck, right? Especially with smaller children that you’ll have to wake and all. Right? Wrong. They deal with it a lot better than we do, trust me. Plus

What giant rubber duckies are for

We interrupt this mass of text with a splash of park fountain water coupled with Hello Kitty babies and giant rubber duckies. This is how you cool off in the summer mates. If you don’t have a rubber duckie the size of your own torso,

Dabitch and Perle in the yard

This is for a mate of mine who said” Dabitch dahling, I never see you these days. All the pictures of that kid of yours. What the hell are YOU doing these days? What color is your hair now?” Well, I guess that’s what they

Perl åker polismotorcykel i Tessinparken

Perl älskar Tessinparken

Tessinparken är absolut bäst för både små och stora barn. Vid det inhägnade småbarnsområdet finns det till och med kaniner att klappa vissa tider, till Perls stora förtjusning. Hon kan knappt bärga sig tills hon kan leka by i området med lekstugorna. Det finns massor

Busted! Perl pays with camera, leaves photographic evidence.

When I imported my digital camera’s pictures today, I found these pictures shot by Perl at eight in the morning. I wonder what she was thinking. “Perldate march 29, eight oh two. Parental units still sleeping and not responding to belly-jumping, wet kisses or baby

Dabitch & Perl på Skeppargatan i Stockholm

Lilla Perl-charmören

Perl är sötast, det är bara bara så! Jag struntar i om det är mina hormoner som talar jag är helt övertygad om att den här lilla battingen är sötast i heeeela världen. Kolla den där minen! Vi var på väg hem när mormor tog