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The case with Kanye West Power Music Video Marco Brambilla

I don’t understand why people must rip adland’s ads. Someone needs to explain this to me.

I was up rather late last night waiting for a film that I had been informed I would get as soon as the embargo was over. It was the Kanye West video, created by video artist Marco Brambilla. It’s like a moving painting, as Kanye had seen his earlier trippy work the civilization elevator video installation, and wanted to do something like that. So I knew it would be good and hung around my inbox waiting to pounce. As soon as it arrived I posted and tweeted it –Kanye West – POWER (teaser) – Premieres tonight on MTV. Twitter went down with a screaming failwhale, and I went to bed.

This morning I awaken to see in google searches that my video (the adland TV watermark is seen in this screenshot) is all over the web, but not a link to Adland anywhere in sight. However if you click those youtube links – example – you’ll find “This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

Why? Because it’s their stuff and they get to decide who gets to play with it. Like when they decided that we should have permissions to post it and sent it to us. Not random youtuber-joe. They sent it to Adland.

I don’t understand why people must rip the files, post it to youtube and then embed it on their blog, when they can forego that ripping step and just embed it on their blog like I’m doing right now check this out. I (as in Adland) have permission to host that file, you (and youtube) do not. Really, is this so hard to grasp? Plus it pisses me off, I could have read a fairy-tale for my daughter instead of hanging around that inbox, patiently waiting up late to share some news as a service to you. Give adland the link-love for fucks sake, hard work goes into it.

In conclusion. *deep sigh*

Silver lining I guess, it did get some tweet-love. 🙂

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