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The Devil is in the details

A renovation update, I do have a real functioning bathroom now – if you saw progress, almost a bathroom you might want to see what it looks like now.

Slanted Villeroy & Boch toilet

The toilet, is slanted from the wall. This way big people can still sit comfortably in this terribly small bathroom without hitting their knees in that corner there. This used to be a closet you know.

sitting tub, tiled

There are strategic “tile-holes” in the wall for stuff like shampoo and bubblebath, because I seriously hate all forms of steel shelving systems in the shower area. They never work. The tub is an extra wide, extra deep but short “sitting” tub which has been renovated. You try finding a new tub which is 76 cm wide and 142 long! Won’t happen, besides, this one looks better as well as feels huge, despite being short.

Closeup of tile

The icon-tile hugs the tub and continues up on the wall in a single stripe. This compromise looks as if we planned it that way, but it was only because we ran out of icon-tile.

Tiles solution on wall

I love this tile. Love it.

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