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The enchanted forest, revisited.

Perle’s room is coming along nicely with the addition of a cabinet that she got to decorate with stickers last night. Previous daytime shots are here for comparison.

Perls’ cabinet

The ‘new’ cabinet with her Elephant-lamp and my old flower lamp which was in my room when I was a wee girl.
She was very particular with putting similar shapes next to each other. I wanted to mix it up but hey, she’s the boss. Looks nice.

Goes well with the bamboo-blinds too.

Can hide stuff underneath the cabinet as well. Like stray dog toys.

The pipe has now been covered up, but round, so that I could paint it like a birch tree (Perle helped do this as well, I pre-taped areas where she could go nuts)

Being her mothers daughter, Perle has her very own homepage with photographs of us cleaning her room last night!

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