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The tile disaster

Renovating anything takes… a year. I’ve learned his the hard way. The bathrooms were always my domain, and I thought that by getting some guys to fix it, it would be the least of our worries – but oy, was I ever wrong. Just the tiles were a massive headache. But they look good, don’t they?

Spanish tiles

It all began, way back in April, with that white tile and the silver border tile you see in the shot. I was dead set on the Symbolico tile from Vives and called around everywhere to find it. Vives Spain set me up with a number for the Swedish importer who arranged so that a shop nearby would order it for us. “Nearby” means two hours away by car. Oy! Nobody could answer how much the tile was per square meter so I stupidly ordered way too little of it. Now, to match that white with another white – impossible. Vives uses a different clay and no other white tile looks quite as white as that – so in the end I went and bought crystal tiles to spend on the rest of the wall, now all we had to do was wait for Höganäs to deliver the floortile.

Tiles solution

At Höganäs we had chosen a granit type tile, which was almost black and looked “alive”, and it came in different sizes, so we decided to match the hallway outside with the bathroom. Good aye? Well, sorta. The hallway was delivered and we picked that up but the 5*5 cm mosaics for the bathroom weren’t there. I called several times to enquire when it might arrive and kept getting the same “in a few days” reply from Höganäs, until this Thursday when someone realized that the tile is nowhere to be found and the earliest they can get some is next month. All this while the tile-dude is busy tiling his way down to the floor – oh man, what a headache. The Art Director in me kicks in again and I haggle with Höganäs over what I can replace the floor with and end up choosing a black crystal mosaik. It’ll look good in the end, just like the glass on the wall, but it is annoying that I didn’t get my first choice anywhere in the bathroom.

Still, none too shabby, it’s shaping up rather nicely, my compromise bathroom.

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