Train from grandma

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Here’s the deal. Never take the train that leaves twenty minutes after five in the morning. That’ll suck, right? Especially with smaller children that you’ll have to wake and all. Right?
Wrong. They deal with it a lot better than we do, trust me.
Plus the station is so interestingly large, empty and quiet at that hour. Cool.

Play me!


Perl marching through station very determined to catch the first train

…so lets see what the world has in store for us.
Many hours of travel meeting the sun that goes up, that’s what. But as long as we have our pick of snacks from the bistro car, we’re basically ready for anything – especially as it swooshes by so fast and we haven’t really understood that we should be still asleep yet. As soon we realize that, we’ll fall right asleep again. Night. Morning? Kay, night. Zzzzznoore.

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