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What I did this weekend.

In case anyone wonders why on earth I didn’t reply to emails at once as usual… It was because I was busy feeding the chickens, picking berries and digging up the potatoes.

In the shot, the cock Carl-Oscar, Agda, Agneta, Kristina and me. Two other chickens on the lower end of the pecking order (the lowest we call ‘hack-kycklingen meaning ‘chicken that’s picked on’ or literally “one at the bottom of the pecking order”) are shying away from the food until it’s “their turn”. I feel really sorry for hackkycklingen she hides from the others most of the day.

Feeding the chickens

Feeding the chickens

Big adventure for Graham the turtle this weekend, he was playing in the potato plot and dug himself under the dirt, deep deep under, I had to dig up all the potatoes just to find him.

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