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Quite a long time ago, as Kidsleepy was writing an article on Adland, he added an embedded tweet that contained an emoji. Eeek. This lost the entire article, as he met a page stating "an error occurred". I knew from his frustrated rantings at the screen that I had to solve the issue of emojis in Drupal 7, fast.


How embarrassing. I noticed that things were moving slowly on my server today, and finally had a few minutes to look over what might be going on. Turns out a process named kdevtmpfsi was eating all of my CPU and had been for hours. Now what is that? It's malware, and a bitcoin miner, and it's not mine. So how do you find it and sort it out?


Adland had a paywall for some time.


I have been in the habit for years now, to delete my Twitter favourites or likes, because I 'heart' them for lots of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with actually liking the tweet.


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