When your mysql server has crashed and won't restart, it probably needs repair

dabitch Apr 11th 2015

But egads, how do you repair it when you can't start it??

First, find the dang mysql files. The data usuallly hides in /var/mysql - this is uncool because that'll eat up your root partition - try something like /opt/bitnami/mysql/ or somehwere.... /stack/mysql/data if you have it on another EDS


myisamchk -fr *MYI

You'll probably run into this too:

MyISAM-table 'whatever.MYI' is not fixed because of errors


When you crashed your EDS instance, restart and you can't connect via SSH

dabitch Apr 11th 2014

Lets say you did something kinda not-so-smart and you rebooted your EDS instance, and for some reason it restarts, but won't let you in via SSH, or worse... It simply will not restart.

Yeah, I've done that. More than once too. We are all idiots when we're tired.

Pop over to your amazon GUI thingiemahbob, and detach that eds from your crashed (and stopped) instance. That would be listed under "volumes" in their lovely control panel page there.