Otto och Aina Wäppling.

Aina och Otto

Otto och Aina Wäppling.

Otto och Aina l gifte sig. de var gifta i 62 år Otto gick in i evigheten klockan elva om förmiddagen den 1 maj 2003. jag saknar honom.

When my maternal grandfather died, we found that he had carried a page from his passport which also had my maternal grandmother's photo in it, (married couples then had only one passport). He had carried this in his wallet for 62 years.

Underneath her photograph, he had written "min fru så rar" (My wife so sweet).

In other words, the 63rd year that my grandparents were married, he still carried a love-note and photo of her in his wallet. If you are to believe my grandmother, his last word was her name.

I loved my grandfather so much, sometimes I think it's even more than I loved my father, but perhaps this is only due to the fact that my father has less time on earth so I had only my maternal grandfather to turn to later. Both of these men were my idols and dear to my heart, completely and fully. They taught me tons. If I ever have sons, they have a lot to live up to, and I will be delighted to help them get there. I'll follow my father's and my morfar's example, lead by example. Teach them patiently. Show them love. 

In their homes, they had their own spaces. My grandmother was a very creative person with excellent colour skills, and she would use these skills in all kinds of folks art, such as sewing embroidery and stitching. We used to say that she painted with thread.

My grandfather liked to work with wood when he wasn't working with electricity, had his own ladle (he taught me how to lathe) and several other advanced woodworking machines that he was very proud of. He could work all day in his woodworking sheds.

The thing that I love the most is that he would bring in some wood that he had shaped into a silhouette for my grandmother, and she would use her colour skills to paint it. So in their home was an entire village of figures that their joint creativity created. Policemen, poodles, the vain girl in the pink skirt, the baker, the chimney sweep, the newspaper delivery boy. All these characters, made by hand surrounded their living room. And they made them together, like a proper team.


They were like a copywriter and art director team, old school style.



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