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On April 22 in 2000 I sat down and wrote a little script that would pull out interesting names from my visitor traffic and then I would create banners with these names and link back to the visitor's official websites.


David Burn did a proper interview here: "Åsk Wäppling’s Adland Torpedoed By “Nuisance DMCA” asking the questions that many others also wondered about, so I was happy to get to answe


The SF Egotist, another advertising blog that has been around for years reported on the demies of Adland here. "Adland shut down over DMCA takedown"


There is one advertising website that has been around longer than Adland has, and it is the Brazilian BlueBus site that premiered in 1995, a whole year before us.


Dabitch.net is a small collection of my work and shop


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