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So, this online mag called curiosity made a list called "8 Resources for the advertising obsessed", and there Adland is, as number one. How delightful. No archive because this website can not be archived, it seems. 


Back in 2016 there were a lot of things happening at the top levels of ad agencies, with a huge scandal erupting at JWT as the former CEO Was sued for sexual harassment.


DET STORMAR PÅ NÄTET. Mediahuset fött ur blogg- revolutionen, Gawker, tappar publik och ansikte när Hulk Hogan vann sitt fall om privatlivsintrång mot dem. En oberoende jury gav Hulk ett enormt skadestånd, stort nog att kunna störta hela Gawker. Det visar sig att klickbete, som folks hemligt filmade sexfilmer, kan bli riktigt dyrt i längden.


Growing increasingly frustrated over the tradepress using the term 'adland' carelessly in headliines, making it seem as if the article was about my site adland, I called them out on Twitter in 2016 which resulted in the article: Adland calls out Ad Age on Twitter over 'sexism' in the

Billy Andersson skriver nyhetsbrevet Innovation & kommunikation för Resumé. I nyhetsbrevet med tema adblockers och innovation dök jag upp en liten sväng, för att jag har lagt Adland på "dark web".


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