Let's say you did something kinda not-so-smart and you rebooted your EDS instance, and for some reason, it restarts, but won't let you in via SSH, or worse... It simply will not restart.

Yeah, I've done that. More than once too. We are all idiots when we're tired.


But egads, how do you repair it when you can't start it??

First, find the dang mysql files. The data usuallly hides in /var/mysql - this is uncool because that'll eat up your root partition - try something like /opt/bitnami/mysql/ or somehwere.... /stack/mysql/data if you have it on another EDS


myisamchk -fr *MYI


where did it begin? acme complained and then acme the drama queen machine managed one of the worst crashes ever. disk two completly dead. disk one limping to its own slow demise as it could no longer rotate at proper speed. ram busted. fan busted. floppy drive busted. the busted etc/passwd taunting me. the single mode trick not working. the bad blocks spreading. i barely knew where to start.


acme runs

Andreas (phpwizard.dk) has a genius idea late Saturday night - industrial-sized fan and a bilsvamp! acme is actually running in this state. See the green light on?


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