Sam Sharpe DevOps / SRE, Python Developer, Systems Engineer

Submitted by Dabitch on Tue, 02/04/2020 - 14:13

I first worked with Åsk when was a Customer of my Team at Rackspace Hosting. What made her a pleasure to work with was that she would do her own research about her hosting needs, ask intelligent questions and was fully prepared to implement our recommendations or explain why we should implement hers.

One of the great things to deal with, was when Åsk had a problem, it was usually interesting or difficult, because if it was a routine issue or something that could be researched, she would have already solved it!

We all took it as a great personal loss when Åsk moved her hosting to away from us, as she was no longer relying very much on our Support Team and could quite happily support her own web hosting - but we still hope she'll be back some day! 

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Åsk Wäppling

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