Rescuing a 100 year old apartment with reclaimed wood

Åsk Wäppling


Correcting the mistakes of poor 70s and 80s renovations in a now more than a 100-year-old apartment, using reclaimed wood from the same era.

New electric wiring and bakelite switches added. All baseboards were changed for a uniform and era-correct baseboards. Wallpapers from the 1950s and 1930s were added to complete the look.

All original doors were rescued from decades of poor paint jobs, and carefully both oiled and painted again. Same with the doorways, where the original windows had been hidden underneath wood planks. Floors were salvaged from under bad linoleum and whitewashed to give a brighter look. In the kitchens on each floor, the floorboards were so damaged only a new floor was the option. On the bottom floor kitchen, recycled Merbau was used, and in the upstairs former kitchen, oiled mahogany.

To allow for sunlight to illuminate the staircase between the floors, a window was installed instead of a wall, allowing for a great deep closet space at the end of the stairs. All stair wood was from, a place that salvages items from buildings, allowing us to have a pure mahogany bannister from the same era as the apartment. Basically, the project was to add back what had been stolen, including the correct era stucco in each room.

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