It's no secret that I really dislike Facebook. It's not their constant sudden changes to the API or the UI or their privacy policy that spurred my dislike. Heck, its not even the whole "backed by the CIA" creepyness. It's the uselessness of pals who think facebook is email. Holy cow people, if you can't use email, you're too stupid to be my friend. But hey, if you want other reasons to dislike facebook, I got them too. Facebook leaks IP addresses. Facebook reckon data portability is criminal, making it very clear that they own your data, not you.


As you know, it all started because of that "pleaserobme" page. I Dashed around 4square to prove a point, and then did the same excersize in Gowalla (which I play), to not play favorites with either service. Both have the same hole, and you might blame it on Android phones, or whatever phone is the reason the m.-versions of their pages exist. (Clue alert: that is the biggest and only clue I will give on how I did this. It's already mentioned numerous times around the getsatifaction gowalla topics, so it's not an unknown glitch, but I won't spell it out further.)


Pretty much as soon as appeared it was tweeted around like wildfire (and blogged a lot) by everyone who saw it and, apparently, had never thought of this angle before. Announcing that you're not at home might be as effective of an invitation to house-robbery as having teenagers brag about their planned vacation in Thailand.


Det var när vi var på väg till Amsterdam som Thomas ryckte fram sin ifån och checkade in mitt på bron mellan Sverige och Danmark som jag smittades av Gowalla-feber. Snart var jag också igång och checkade in på Beurs van Berlage under Eurobest 2009, och när vi kom hem till Sverige var jag ju tvungen att hoppa in i kaninhålet till Kina. Alla coola hoppar ned där, trust me. ;)

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