How embarrassing. I noticed that things were moving slowly on my server today, and finally had a few minutes to look over what might be going on. Turns out a process named kdevtmpfsi was eating all of my CPU and had been for hours. Now what is that? It's malware, and a bitcoin miner, and it's not mine. So how do you find it and sort it out?


Was talking to a pal about ssh as hidden service. “It’s simple” he said, and practically dared me to do it. But I didn’t really want ssh, I thought let's do http instead because Adland. Oh okay. So you want to try it too? Lets go.

sudo apt-get install tor

Simple, right?

sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc to add the following


So, you were minding your own business chmodding things left and right while logged in to your Ubuntu instance the other day, and now a few days later you get the Permission denied (publickey) response when you try to log in.


But egads, how do you repair it when you can't start it??


Lets say you did something kinda not-so-smart and you rebooted your EBS (Elastic Block Store) instance, and for some reason it restarts, but won’t let you in via SSH, or worse… It simply will not restart. Ruh-roh!

Yeah, I’ve done that. More than once too. We are all idiots when we’re tired. There’s is nothing more dangerous than a tired sysadmin.

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