I have been in the habit for years now, to delete my Twitter favourites or likes, because I 'heart' them for lots of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with actually liking the tweet. I have been in the habit of bookmarking tweets with the likes since forever, because I may use the tweet in a future article or presentation.


.... and we've secretly replaced the usual news about snow with some relevant releases and newsmill postings about the super bowl in Sweden. Let's watch as we're ignored by the press written by our fellow countrymen once again, shall we?


Det var när vi var på väg till Amsterdam som Thomas ryckte fram sin ifån och checkade in mitt på bron mellan Sverige och Danmark som jag smittades av Gowalla-feber. Snart var jag också igång och checkade in på Beurs van Berlage under Eurobest 2009, och när vi kom hem till Sverige var jag ju tvungen att hoppa in i kaninhålet till Kina. Alla coola hoppar ned där, trust me. ;)


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