About Dabitch.net

Hey there! Over the years, I've dabbled in creating quite a few websites—some for myself, some for others.

About Dabitch.net

Hey there!
Throughout the years, I've worn many hats in the digital realm—I've crafted websites for myself and clients, played the gracious host on my servers for friends and clients alike. Beyond that, I've ventured into proto-blogging, sharing my thoughts across various media platforms and the vast expanse of the web through articles, op-eds, and even some straight-up news reports.

Initially, this space was all about showcasing my portfolio. But as time went on, I decided to sprinkle in some of my blog bits and articles, op-eds, etc as well - I'm not just an Art Director and designer; I also wear the hats of an advertising pundit and reporter, catch me on Muckrack.

On top of all that, I have been running the front and backend of these servers over the years. Good times.

Not everything from the past made the cut, and some portfolio pieces bid farewell as they got a bit outdated. However, if you take a stroll through Dabitch.net, you'll get a glimpse into at least 27 digital years of my life.

You'll also find a collection of screenshots showcasing features, experiments, and ideas from my old websites. And because I've navigated the digital landscape extensively, I've thrown in some tech tips just in case fellow explorers stumble upon the same hurdles I have. It's a bit of a digital journey, so feel free to explore!

Going forward, this is the place where I will share more articles about new ideas, in advertising, design, or tech, and you can subscribe to these articles.

Check the tags —they're your trusty guide to navigating between blog posts, portfolio gems, and all the geeky things in between. Happy exploring!

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