Friday Playlist: Earfloss

I don’t have a theme this week, other than “sounds that clean the cobwebs from my head,” I guess.

I don’t have a theme this week, other than “sounds that clean the cobwebs from my head,” I guess.

Earfloss, I call it.

Some sounds are so easy to like, others, like nails on chalkboard make some people recoil. I never minded nails on chalk, but can freak out when the vibration-rattling of the old car window changes hum as a large truck passes. This is why you see me wearing headphones all the time, the oddest sounds set me off. But some are great when turned into music.

It starts with that ‘eeeeeeeiiingggazzzeeieiingg’ noise that enters my ear like this, and manages to lie right between ‘sounds cool’ and ‘ouch.’

And then there’s so many ‘al-al-al-al’ that you reach the points of “yeah too many soon’ but right then it stops and Blinky Bill takes to the mike with a huff and a puff in Huff+Puff. Soon I’m ready to Disco, thanks to this earfloss from Just a Band (Kenya – there’s a French “Just a band” as well, don’t get them confused).

Then Yelle starts banging her drum in Les Femmes (SIRIUSMO rmx). I can’t even pronounce any of it but I sing along to whatever she’s saying, and she brings the earfloss in at the end.

The glimmer song from A Band Called Quinn is easy to sing along to. We’ve all woken up with glitter from yesterday on us. Haven’t we?

Now we Go Go Go (Ft. The Genevan Heathen) to the D I S C O – oh yes, we’re going to the Dicso, and every time Teki Latex sings “danse danse danse” I see with my minds eye this cat dance. Welcome to my weird brain. Use only as directed.

Feeling a little urge to rock out, I call upon Dj Moule & Good Love, Good Rock where Joan Jett & the Blackhearts’ I love Rock’n Roll shines again. The entrance Joan makes in the video is golden, and mimicked to death by me when I was 9 years old while wearing my grandfathers flannel work shirt as it was the ‘rockiest’ thing I could find in the house. Of course, everyone thought it was adorable… aaar! you.. you.. you suck! *doorslam*

We gotta be ready, man. Don Omar ft Tempo & Dynasty do Hasta Abajo Remix 2 and those rock-riffs are blown away with high doses of speedy Spanish Rrrrr-rolling rap. There are turtles all the way down, by the way.

Lady N will rap about Wine wine wine wine feeling fine, and you’re a queen when you dance. I think that’s what she’s saying, I dunno, I’m too busy wiggling my hips to care at this point.

R.A.C.K will start a Révolution, complete with the sound of guns and sounds that make you want to jump around. We’re way beyond earfloss. The thump-thump at the start makes me flashback to Joan Jett entering that bar. Thump-thump = what Joan Jett’s bar-entrance makes my heart do.

When I walk into my offsprings primary I have to pass through the high-school, wearing bone-print-jeans (yes, like skeleton legs), an ankle-long bright green leather coat and mirrors glasses while I hum this: “I got Ray-Ban vision, these ain’t no presciption, I see you haters comin’ [xxxxx] don’t think that I’m slippin’ and it’s all the catchy A-Trak feat. CyHi Da Prynce “Ray-Ban vision” fault. It amuses the primary kids, as whenever the bright purple headphones are on I do the headboppin’ dance that probably looks like a pigeon-walk.

I need to go back to Africa now, and the haunting sound of Dj Mujava’s township funk. Earfloss!

End with another visit to Kenya and Just a Band’s UsiniboreDon’t tell me what I can and can’t do. I can change the world.

Here’s the open playlist in another window link. Hope you enjoy.

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