As soon as I took this photo of Caper, I uploaded it to Reddit, because I think it's epic.

These days my account has been suspended, but Reddit has never explained why and humans do not respond to appeal requests, so the original posting can no longer be found.

You can still find a photo of baby Caper and his teefies, as well as where I confirmed my account with Keybase.

Social media breaks easily when one part of the trust chain just deletes you for no reason. Basically, never use any social media to confirm an account anywhere else.

I know I've written about this before, I'm just reminding you.

Oh look, I also enriched Reddit with this old photo of a Sámi boy that I found in an old family photo album. I also showed Reddit Kiruna Söderberg, the first baby born in Kiruna so the entire city is actually named after her - and the Sami word for grouse. All bannable offenses, obviously. Ha!

Caper the cat channels Gene Simmons