Pretty much as soon as appeared it was tweeted around like wildfire (and blogged a lot) by everyone who saw it and, apparently, had never thought of this angle before. Announcing that you're not at home might be as effective of an invitation to house-robbery as having teenagers brag about their planned vacation in Thailand.
That is if you leave your home announcing it by checking in at airports and presumably live alone, with your house unguarded.

The other worry about these "stalker helper" programs is of course that it announces where you are to anyone who might want to follow you around (I've been trying to freak people out by gowallastalking them, but so far only sofoe seemed to notice that I wasn't in the venue at the time. Well done sistah!)

So, just to show that these programs can give you equally false alibis of location as truthful ones, I decided to do a very quick world tour in 4square, each check-in appearing on "pleaserobme" and even prompting the pleaserobme tweeter to send a note of concern about me announcing my supposed whereabouts.

I checked in at the university in Paris, the Ritz-Carlton in Boston, at Microsoft, Cape Town, on a wee road in Barrow, Alaska, at the Soup Stock in Tokyo, Japan, at 7-eleven in Bangkok, Thailand, a pub in Singapore, Radiotjänst, Kiruna, Noah's bagels in San Francisco, a couch in Portland, Oregon in quick succession. Boyah. In 4square right now I'm in Ushuaia, Argentina.
My cat knows this is not true.

Update, did a little country-hopping in Gowalla too, so that they don't feel left out. Images after the jump.

4Square tour

4square stalking
Gowalla stalking

Created this spot when I got a little lost.

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