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Perle Wäppling, Perl Wäppling

Perl made a pearl necklace in San Francisco

Perl has designed her own necklace, one with a nice big pearl. When we visited San Francisco we obviously had to do all of the really touristy things, like visit the wharf. They sold unopened clams there, where you might get a pearl. This seemed

How was Cannes?

In a word: Bizarre. Suddenly I’m meeting journalists all over the place, journalists who for whatever strange reason know who I am. Why? What? Really? Posing here with the editor of CB news Benjamin and AOL’s free ice-cream (aol are in the ice-cream buisiness now

Dabitch and Perl’s vacation in Orlando

Yes! It’s time for me to TORTURE y’all with my answer to: So, how was your vacation in Orlando? But instead of looking at slides, you get a little video starring miss playful. I was using Perl’s camera (when she’d let me), and discovered one

Atlanta – Little five point / The Vortex

I’ve had a thing about Atlanta for quite a while now, surfing every site about the place to figure out how it might be to live there, and as luck has it I know Brandon one of the School of Humans founders, his missus Trudy

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This years henna tattoo – a roaring tiger.

Malmöfestival means one thing for Perl – Henna Tattoos! She gets one every time we visit. This year she picked a roaring tiger symbol and was quite excited to have it done. Even better, this henna tattoo stand had some sort of air-pump to spray

Salem giant pumpkin and Perl pose

When you see an 1100 pound pumpkin, you are obligated to pose. It’s the law. Seriously! We found this one in the lobby of the hotel where Jane & Chris got married. Huge! ….and here’s the obligatory, “wait we’re not ready yet” shot. It’s Sunday

the Wedding

So, Caff decides to get hitched in witchtown, a.k.a Salem MA and the wee witch loves every minute of it. First, she’s impossible to stop while the poor photographer tries to get wedding pictures. Who can blame her tough? She’s just discovered that the best

Perl on a Boston commuter train with me

Boston with Perl for Jane’s wedding

I love visiting other cities and Boston was a new one for me. Perl took to travelling like a fish to water and strolled around the old town center with me just for fun. We commuted with Boston railroad to get from Jane’s house to